February 15, 2019
LeBaronBrown Industries II Completes Initial Closing

LeBaronBrown is pleased to announce that it has completed an initial closing for LeBaronBrown Industries II LLC (LBB II). LBB II remains open for additional capital commitments.

LBB II is focused on a platform strategy in the industrial technology industry. The industrial technology industry is a large, growing, highly profitable and fragmented space ideally suited for LeBaronBrown's build-up strategy. LBB II will focus on specific sub-sectors within industrial technology which include the analytical instrumentation, test & measurement, electronic components, flow control and process control sectors. LeBaronBrown has partnered with Timothy Winfrey, a proven, best-in-class operating executive who will serve as Executive Chairman of the new platform.

LeBaronBrown's mission is to build an industry-leading business by pairing operational excellence with an acquisition-led growth strategy. LeBaronBrown has a highly differentiated, 20-year capital charter designed to enable a truly long-term investment horizon and compounding of results.

LeBaronBrown Background

LeBaronBrown is a private investment firm with a multi-decade investment horizon. LeBaronBrown's objective is to support the creation of long-term equity value and compounding of performance. LeBaronBrown's capital and resources are dedicated to supporting the growth of its operating companies over the long-term, including by actively seeking complementary acquisitions. LeBaronBrown was founded by Simon Brown and Matt LeBaron in 2015. Collectively, LeBaronBrown's founders have led investments that represent over $20 billion of transaction value across a range of industries.