January 4, 2016
LeBaronBrown Industries Exceeds its Initial Capital Raising Target and Announces the Commencement of its Investment Period

After commencing fundraising in September 2015, LeBaronBrown Industries LLC ("LeBaronBrown" or the "Company") is pleased to announce that the Company has completed its second closing. With this closing, LeBaronBrown has exceeded the initial target of $100 million of committed capital. As such, the Company declared January 1, 2016 to be the Effective Date and has commenced its Investment Period. The Company remains open for additional capital commitments.

LeBaronBrown's mission is to build an industry-leading business by pairing operational excellence with an acquisition-led growth strategy. LeBaronBrown has a highly differentiated, 20-year capital charter designed to enable a truly long-term investment horizon and compounding of results.

The Company targets specialty industrial businesses based in North America. The Company will pursue control investments in partnership with management, and will consider equity rollover investments to permit selling shareholders a continued ownership interest in the business. LeBaronBrown is targeting companies generally in the range of $50 to $500 million in enterprise value for its initial platform acquisition.